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Body, Mind  & Spirit

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“The body is a self-healing organism, so it’s really about clearing
things out of the way so the body can heal itself.”
Barbara Brennan

What you will experience

 with healing mentoring.............

  • Reduce and eliminate pain

  • Stress relief  and relaxation

  • Learn to trust and love your body

  • Rediscover a life of wellness

  • Reconnect to joy and peace in your heart

  • Discover how to maintain your youth and vitality

  • Heal reoccurring patterns that have prevented you from healing

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Assisting you in preparing your body and mind to receive powerful healing energy  to relieve symptoms and recover your energetic life force once more. Also finding the deep hidden cause of your ailment, working with you on eliminating the cause, and your symptoms will disappear completely.



Individual Therapy

I will design healing methods including a combination of Theta healing, Genome healing, sound vibration therapy, crystal healing, advanced Reiki energy healing, psychic scanning and researched information to help you to improve your health and well being. 

Distant Healing

If you are unable to attend the clinic, I will provide healing from a distance through phone or internet communication and use Theta healing, advanced Reiki energy healing, psychic scanning, Genome healing and researched information to improve your health and well being.


Clearing Negative Energy from a Room

Negative energies can often linger from previous occupants and cause distress and a feeling of unease. I will examine the cause and clear the negative energy with a range of techniques including sound vibrations, crystal energies and energy from the universal spirit. This is very effective for home and office.



Assisting the Aged by Easing the Experience of Passing

Often the elderly have a fear of passing as they reach the end of their time on earth. I will provide a gentle explanation of the energetic spiritual process and using my mediumship and spiritual communication ease the worry and trauma before and during passing.




Pet Therapy

Animals are able to respond to the healing methods to ease their pain and discomfort. I will design healing methods including a combination of Theta healing, crystal healing and powerful Reiki energy healing to resolve the cause of their ailment and reduce pain.




A girl and her dog



"I just want to thank you so much for the magnificent healing you did on me. I had been carrying deep grief and sorrow for so many years, I thought I would never recover.


I loved your gentleness kindness and compassion. I feel the issues you worked on has finally gone! And now I can move on, this was one of the most powerful healing sessions I have every experienced, I will be telling everyone I know about your amazing healing techniques."

Holly G. Queensland Australia



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